Adnan Chowdhury


I started tinkering with computers at an early age. Today I am building a career out of them. Music has been my favorite and most endearing hobby. Overall, I am a creative individual with an aim for the highest potential.

Software Projects - social bookmarking solution for the future - Fall 2016 - Present
  • Ember.js + Express/Node.js + PostgreSQL
  • Social bookmarking app w/ emphasis on privacy and minimalism
  • Recommendation engine - your personal journal in an inspiring setting - Summer 2016
  • Ember.js + Express/Node.js + PostgreSQL
  • Presents sleek UI in conjunction with randomly selected impressionist paintings
  • User data fully encrypted
CYOCYOA - Static Showdown Hackathon App - Winter 2015
  • Contest Entry for Divshot's Static Showdown Hackathon
  • Ember.js + Firebase
  • Code available on GitHub: [1]
HTML5 Game: "Hot-Pies: A UFO Shoot-Em-Up Game" - Fall 2013 to Summer 2014
  • In-Browser Video Game bult with HTML5 + JavaScript
  • Node.js + Express Server Architecture
  • Jasmine Unit testing, TDD
  • Original GIMP-created game art
  • Code available on GitHub: [1]
The Jolly Bengali Food Truck - Summer 2014
  • Landing page for local business "The Jolly Bengali Food Truck"
  • Mobile-First, Responsive Design with Twitter Bootstrap, Font-Awesome
  • Social Media mgmt. including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and MailChimp Mailing List - Write Screenplays in your Browser - Fall 2014
  • Screenwriting web-app to produce properly formatted scripts
  • Ember.js + Firebase
  • Code available on GitHub: [1] - Fall 2014
  • Landing page for professional inquires
  • Node.js + Express, Server-rendered web page
  • Built with Progressive Enhancement in mind
  • Code available on GitHub: [1]
One Bullet: Ludum Dare #28 Competition Entry - Winter 2013
  • Game created within 48 hr for Ludum Dare #28 competition
  • Won 18th place in Humour category (out of 2063)
  • HTML5 and JavaScript Game Architecture
  • GIMP, Original game art

Music Projects

Personal Soundcloud - Fall 2011 to Present
  • Collection of single recordings and experimental bits
  • Recordings span over three years
  • A melange of genres
A Glass of Chocolate Milk - Summer 2012
  • Full-instrumental album with former band 'Chocolate Milk'
  • Heavy blues and Blues-rock influence
  • Featues improvistational blues segments
Ladydog - Spring 2010 to Winter 2011
  • Original musical album
  • Features several original written songs
  • Wide range of genres
  • Edited, mixed and mastered with open source tool Audacity
  • Experimented with various instrumentation and complex arrangements
  • Includes cover of Donkey Kong Country song 'Simian Segue'

Other Projects

The Jolly Bengali Food Truck - Fall 2011 to Fall 2014
  • Self-started mobile food vending business
  • Based on life-long aspiration to highlight Bengali culture, cuisine and art
  • Built during nights & weekends over two years
  • Served at events in Broward and Miami-Dade counties
Schfifty Five - Spring 2003
  • Flash music video with music by Gröûp X
  • Created with Adobe Flash MX
  • Officially released on
  • Reached a wide audience